Mission Impossible! Story of A First Time Blogger.

Take a leap of faith!

This is a random thought materializing out of nowhere, literally. Almost like this blog. When I first started writing, I had no idea what I wanted to say. So, that is exactly what I said. (Push to start!) It was a leap of faith, indeed. After my first post, Word press asked me to write an introduction. That prompted the idea for the next one. (Hey! My name is..) And so the story went. I wrote about whatever felt important at the time. As I was on a quest to identify feelings, I began to observe and capture my current state and it started pouring out into words. (Doubt). Very often references come from real life and from within my community. (Degree of Difficulty).

I started to share the articles with friends and family only because I was excited to share my thoughts and my new found vocation. (Ubiquitous Assimilation). Feedback and comments started a cycle and this dance was set in motion. I am not someone who breaks a habit easily. So, here we are, three months on and you are still reading my thoughts. Many expert bloggers gave me valuable advice. I was told to write periodically to build my regular audience who know what to expect and when. Others asked me what topics I would cover. That was a tricky question as I had no idea what I wanted to say except that I had a lot to say. πŸ˜ƒ(Listen!)

From Aviation to emotions, poetry to experiences, dreams and disappointments. I was able to write about anything. (Hello! I am you Captain Speaking to Cosmos) It felt uninhibited and freeing to say things without worrying about how it will be received or tailor making it to the audience’s acceptance. I felt liberated with this form of expression and was suddenly willing to share with the world my inner most thoughts and experiences.(Come, fly with me! to Contradictions). The fact that the motivation was pure and personal gave me enough direction to keep away from the commercial aspects that kept popping up to monetize the blog. Too soon, I thought. I am enjoying it too much!

As I wrote some more, the feedback affirmed that my varied range of topics was appealing to a lot of different types of people. (Cat~titude , The feline Swag vs Pup~py love, the Canine Cuddle!) People were quoting lines back to me, an ultimate compliment. I am now confident and aware of who my reader is. I realize that as humans, we face similar challenges but are not always able to find the words to express ourselves. People find their voice in these articles, whether it is pleasure or pain. (Here and Now! or I wish it was easier.) When words resonate, it is the Eureka moment!

What you seek is seeking you.


Through this blog, family and friends are discovering sides of my personality they never knew existed. In turn, the responses I receive from some individuals makes me appreciate their depth and understanding more. My audience members are experienced and nuanced individuals, marinated and seasoned well by life itself. That is quite a Niche! (Sneak peek- To Dye or not to Dye?) My future article! πŸ˜‰

So, yesterday a seasoned blogger followed my blog. I checked his site, The Art of Blogging. I found it very interesting and kept reading. He asked a pertinent question. What is the Mission of the blog? It got me thinking. What is my Mission? That sprouted the idea for this piece (Mission Impossible!) He laid out a few points which I started to examine.

  • Starts with PASSION! Flying is an obvious one. It is my one true calling. Communication is next discovery. I have tremendous passion. Period. I will even clean my cupboard with passion!!
  • VALUE. When somethings stay with the reader and makes them think, learn or identify with, that takeaway is adding value.
  • Next was VISION. I do have a vision. One where people are self-aware and kinder to themselves and others. I imagine a world full of THINKERS!!
  • Ultimately, the MISSION. My mission is a heady combination of my passion and vision. An accepting world at work and home where one is not scared to be themselves. A safe space that helps bring out the best creativity, collaborations and performance in us.

I will talk more about this Safety in another article. It deserves more attention from you and me.

Thank you, Cristian for making me think about the big picture. I certainly don’t aim low. Mission Impossible is quite an apt name for this piece, I say. However, Tom Cruise has proven to us over and over again that he can make the impossible, possible every single time. ;))) So, Spicy THINKERS, I say we go for it! What say you?

Keep reading! Until next time…..

Over and out! @thethinkingcaptain

26 thoughts on “Mission Impossible! Story of A First Time Blogger.

  1. Simply superb.!!! This capacity to delve into the human mind & emotions & to Express it so beautifully is just sheer magic.!!


  2. Mission impossible seems to be like an oxymoron for this piece as you have taken the leap of faith and believed in yourself to make this dream come true! A very well written article indeed …. looking forward to many more 😊

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  3. Wow!!!! Just read your first blog to be honest ! U have clarity of thought , an expressive mind , creative phrases , amazing concept and sheer guts to truly take the leap of faith !
    Congrats for the Mission Impossible!
    All the best for the future blogs 🌹🌹

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  4. Your journey through each blog, how they each tie together and then putting those thoughts on paper, is a mission achieved in itself.
    Looking forward to next blog Captain

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  5. I liked you reconstructed your writing timeline and how you got to this point. Sharing generously is wonderful. Thanks Khaddy πŸ™‚

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