Life has funny ways of showing you ways to be grateful for things you miss in plain sight. Simple things we take for granted or get caught up in our own knots of thought. Something like that happened yesterday and I wanted to share that with you.

This new house we now live in was bought with all our life savings. Some would say not the most wise financial decision. Especially, when I see everyone around me living on rent and paying a tiny fraction of what it cost me all in all.

It never helps when you make comparisons, I know that fundamentally. But it never really pans out that way practically, does it now! Home buying is emotional and nesting is essential, for my sense of being. I was happy deeply satisfied about my new home but I was also aware of the market forces.

Not that these notional gains or losses affects me in day to day life, it still plays on your mind about the ultimate outcome of your investment. After all, you are not the same person you were when you booked the house.

Yesterday, that changed, at least a little. I was at the veterinary clinic when the doctor asked where I lived. Upon being told the name of the complex, she remarked “Ooh! The whole world wants to live there!’

Voilà! Just like that, my day was made. The cloud of gloom about the wisdom in buying the house vis-a-vis renting vanished. I was filled with silly glee. I left there with a happy pet and a beaming smile.

It was a message from the universe to say be happy with where you are and what you got. “You did good!

Goldie nesting with Buzz!

Until next time…@thethinkingcaptain

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