On Sunday, while returning from a very wet trek, I was sharing my flight schedule with my kids for the coming week and planning theirs.

Flights have been so few and far between that they have got used to me being around a lot. I like to prepare everything and everyone to their satisfaction before I leave.

My 10 yr old asked “Mama, do you like doing flights or do you do it to earn money?” (I chuckled inside because little does he know about salaries during COVID times :))

I demurely answered “It’s my job, son. I have to do it.” Not satisfied with my answer he asked again “But do you do it because you get money?” (At this point I wanted to make a joke as I would if an adult had asked) but he was dead serious.

I threw the question back at him. “What do you think? Why do I go for flights?” He said, “I think you go for flights because you like to fly.” It melted my heart to see such clarity in a child of both thought and speech. I felt happy that he recognizes that part about my work.

I went on to tell him about how time and hard work may be directly proportional to the amount of money one earns. He listened. How one has to decide how much money one requires to cover their needs rather than chase after more. By then he had zoned out.

I do hope that just by association, he understands how important it is to love what you do. To be able to recognize his likes and choose a path accordingly is a parent’s greatest wish.

I learnt that day that children see and observe a lot more than we imagine. They also understand concepts when explained. Your values get passed on, knowingly or unknowingly. Clarity trumps all, in life!

Be Patient. Be Loving. Be Gentle.

Until next time…@thethinkingcaptain