The BIG Picture!

We hear about this big picture theory a lot but how do we know when to apply it? How to know when I am ready to see it and most importantly, how do I see it? It might come to you when you are least expecting it.


On Sunday, while returning from a very wet trek, I was sharing my flight schedule with my kids for the coming week and planning theirs. Learning on the job is parenting! Flights have been so few and far between that they have got used to me being around a lot. I like to prepare everything … Continue reading Clarity!


Life has funny ways of showing you ways to be grateful for things you miss in plain sight. Simple things we take for granted or get caught up in our own knots of thought. Something like that happened yesterday and I wanted to share that with you. This new house we now live in was … Continue reading Nesting!

Calmness Under Chaos!

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Yesterday, there was an extraordinary amount of traffic on the road in Mumbai. Classic evening office rush only worsened by classic Mumbai rains. I had left two hours before the flight in the doomed direction of the flowing traffic. I was scheduled to travel as a passenger to … Continue reading Calmness Under Chaos!

The Root Clause!

How the World sees me! I live in Bombay, now Mumbai. But I am not a Bombayite because I wasn't born here. I was born in Assam, the tea garden state. But I am not Assamese because I don't have roots there. I have roots in Rajasthan, the golden state. But I have no marwari … Continue reading The Root Clause!

Respect Boundaries!

Many years ago, I was still in my twenties, a young spirited, skilled professional, gregarious, independent and outspoken girl. (I would like to believe I am still all those things, except not in my twenties! :)) I was on a Kolkata night stop and had gone on an afternoon picnic with my older sister's and … Continue reading Respect Boundaries!

Staff Travel Misgivings!

I was travelling on staff tickets with my extended family to Amritsar from Delhi after attending a wedding. These tickets are unconfirmed and subject to load. We usually have to hustle for these. Last minute anxiety causing struggles. Weather was bad that day. Flights were rerouting the Toronto, Newark and London passengers who were unable … Continue reading Staff Travel Misgivings!

Loyalty For Royalty!

I work for the "Maharaja of the skies", as Air India is so lovingly known by its affable mascot, the ever graceful Maharaja. I recently completed 20 years of service with the airline. It is quite a milestone, especially in the fast paced start-up age we now live in. Wishes and affection poured in through … Continue reading Loyalty For Royalty!

How to Get Over Disappointment?

Disappointment is a killer. For all of us who have felt it know that it is a real tough emotion to deal with. Comes with tons of other heavy ones like anger, dejection, frustration, remorse, withdrawal, hopelessness, and more. Heartbreaking stuff and yet it is all around us. Sometimes several times a day, in small … Continue reading How to Get Over Disappointment?