Mission Impossible! Story of A First Time Blogger.

After experiencing a break in writing, it got me thinking about how I started writing to begin with. This piece is a good reminder and a great prelude to what follows next. Enjoy! Keep reading.

The Thinking Captain!

Take a leap of faith!

This is a random thought materializing out of nowhere, literally. Almost like this blog. When I first started writing, I had no idea what I wanted to say. So, that is exactly what I said. (Push to start!) It was a leap of faith, indeed. After my first post, Word press asked me to write an introduction. That prompted the idea for the next one. (Hey! My name is..) And so the story went. I wrote about whatever felt important at the time. As I was on a quest to identify feelings, I began to observe and capture my current state and it started pouring out into words. (Doubt). Very often references come from real life and from within my community. (Degree of Difficulty).

I started to share the articles with friends and family only…

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Show Yourself!

Something made me think of this today! I am ready to show myself. My whole self is ready for the party!

The Thinking Captain!

I want to show myself
And yet here I hide.
I don’t rely on myself
Who else is there to find.
I want to show myself
But I am scared inside.
How will anybody else see
Things I miss in plain sight.
I want to show myself
Not the shell outside.
It is a good decoy
Sometimes, I like it more than I.
I want to show myself
Not this hide and seek I try.
One moment on top of the world
One moment on the floor I lie.
I want to show myself
That has not caught another eye.
For the ones who really see me
Will know there is more inside.
God, please give me strength to be myself!

Now, read it again as yourselves!

I always tend to write in first person, for many reasons. Firstly, so that I can get into the true feeling experienced by…

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Come, Fly With Me!

That feeling returns and so do these words! May you grow your own wings. @the.thinking.captain

The Thinking Captain!

My family taking wings for the first time in Bir Billing, Himachal ‘2016

Feeling upbeat for no real reason
Don’t even want to know why.
It’s uplifting everything around me
Makes me want to fly.

I feel light hearted

It’s like I set myself free.

From the shackles of my own self-doubt

I allowed myself to believe.

In the middle I got lost somewhere

With the sense of self on a trip

Now, I’m growing and finding my way back

Comfortable with who I am within.

It’s important to love myself first
C’mon! Bring out that smile!
I may have always known I’m special
I had just forgotten for a while!

Let us make our wish come true.

Take a chance and see.

Breathe deep and spread your wings

Come fly with me!


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The Ballroom Balcony!

My heart goes out to herI feel she is trapped.It appears that way to me,It's the view from were I stand. Is this her original colourOr is it what she requires?She has been myriad colours beforeThis one looks acquired. When she looks into the mirrorWho does she see?Between her past and her futureWho does she … Continue reading The Ballroom Balcony!

Hello! I am your Captain speaking!

This is one of the most popular articles on my blog. I guess it is true that I am more inclined towards the human side of flying. That is what makes us human inside. The machine teaches us discipline, we add emotions to it.

Enjoy the read! Tell me what you think!

The Thinking Captain!

Recently, I was asked to speak on a worldwide forum featuring women in various roles. During my introductory meeting with them, Gratitude and Re-Focus turned out to be the focal points. Hence, it was decided as our topic for the interview. We felt it was worth sharing this perspective, especially in these COVID times. The interaction received an overwhelming response.

In the post interview de-brief with the team, I was asked about my previous experience as a presenter/public speaker. What is the best advice I have received and how do I connect with an audience? I have conducted a few workshops and presentations but the one thing that came to mind was my announcements in the aircraft. I told them that my tools of humor, honesty and timing were all cultivated by that experience. I had not realized until now, how much impact those Passenger Addresses had on me. It…

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Feeling and experiencing contradictions this week. Brought this piece to mind. Read it again and identified my movement and growth. Sharing again for those who are trying to make sense of your Contradictions!

The Thinking Captain!

Opposites attract is a known fact.
Why it is so, nobody knows that!

Sweet and sour, we like the mix,
Love and heartbreak is a good movie fix.

Confidence and submission can surprisingly coexist. Watch out as it creeps in from the back exit.

Strength may also come from weakness. Let the default reaction come from kindness.

Toughness and gentleness could both be in good measure
The variety of flavors add to the treasure.

Discover personal beliefs and values in life
Observe which are helpful and which create strife.

Keeping the guard up at all times is tiring. Self awareness at all times needs hard wiring.

Bitter yet sweet? Alive yet dead?
Funny yet tragic? Happy yet sad?

Becoming aware of my contradictions and then embracing them was a big step for me. What contradictions do you experience?

Think about it!

Until next time… @thethinkingcaptain

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Why Do We Want things to Look or Sound Better Than They Are?

Do you ever find yourself saying you ran more or exercised longer than you did? Weigh less than you do or taller than you are? Filter or air-brush pictures? Say you feel better than you do? Got more marks or earn higher than actual? And those innumerable selfies we take?!?! Well, you can find solace … Continue reading Why Do We Want things to Look or Sound Better Than They Are?

Ubiquitous Assimilation!

One of my early articles. Motivated and determined. The conscious consumer of influence, ready to rise above my genes, lineage, and culture to mindfully choose to become who I want to be! Read on!

The Thinking Captain!

I thought of changing the name of the topic. It may be that many do not know what it means and not read further and others may be curious to know more and read on. I decided to take that chance.

The words, Ubiquitous Assimilation, sound very fancy. A vocabulary bomb, actually! I was bombed too when I first came across it, I did not know the meaning or the concept. Let me give you a little context.

I saw it in a film called Detachment ( I highly recommend it but with a strong word of caution – it is not an easy watch ) where the teacher played by Adrien Brody is trying to motivate a bunch of delinquent, socially oppressed teenagers from in his class. So taken aback I was by the idea that it became embedded within me.

I adopted my own hybrid version of this…

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For All Daughters!

You are like a budLooking at the Sun.Your head in the right directionYour heart singing along. Look at the world around youThere is a lot to see.Find the beauty inside you,that's where it will always be. You are still growingI watch in wonderment.How my little childHas become my ornament! Be your own personLet no one … Continue reading For All Daughters!