Opposites attract is a known fact.
Why it is so, nobody knows that!

Sweet and sour, we like the mix,
Love and heartbreak is a good movie fix.

Confidence and submission can surprisingly coexist. Watch out as it creeps in from the back exit.

Strength may also come from weakness. Let the default reaction come from kindness.

Toughness and gentleness could both be in good measure
The variety of flavors add to the treasure.

Discover personal beliefs and values in life
Observe which are helpful and which create strife.

Keeping the guard up at all times is tiring. Self awareness at all times needs hard wiring.

Bitter yet sweet? Alive yet dead?
Funny yet tragic? Happy yet sad?

Becoming aware of my contradictions and then embracing them was a big step for me. What contradictions do you experience?

Think about it!

Until next time… @thethinkingcaptain

14 thoughts on “Contradictions!

  1. Poetic yet true! Why is it that every time I read your write up I feel it’s a part of me or I’m a part of you . Your words but true to me . Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It brings the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang to my mind, where opposite forces are counter balancing. It is the extremes of both ends that make us a more balanced being. Very nice read Geetanjali!

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