The BIG Picture!

We hear about this big picture theory a lot but how do we know when to apply it? How to know when I am ready to see it and most importantly, how do I see it? It might come to you when you are least expecting it.

I recently had “out of body” experience. Ironically, it occurred within my body. As I sat one morning with my eyes closed, I was transported instantly into and introduced to my colourful inner world which felt vividly real.

I found myself actually swimming deep inside and through my blood vessels in what seemed like a giant purple squid, smiling and wide eyed. To be able to witness the marvel and harmony along with the complexity of the human body, as we passed through big and small crevices, was eye opening and, quite simply, mesmerising.

Where else can you find a television; camera; radio; telegraph; computer; sewage; plumbing; heating, and cooling systems; and factories making all kinds of products (blood, sweat, bones) -all done up in one small unit?

Virginia Satir {Your Many Faces}

The human body is a classic example of captivating ingenuity. As we, the squid and I, gently wafted through the sea of cells, I watched our layers peel away organically and ultimately melt into the abyss of the bloodstream.

The brilliant colours and gentle movements of the lava lamp in my vision.

It felt like a dream sequence with a lava lamp in the backdrop. That kind of hypnotic movement. Psychedelic colours and luminous light streams made it almost magical. I knew I was at the precipice of an epiphany.

I felt I was watching every cell in my body in color coded format. How similar each one was in structure, yet so different in roles. How each colony of cells probably thought of their own world as complete and blissfully unaware of the vastness of the body.

Each oblivious to their contribution to the entirety of the system in which they were eternally bound together till the end. That their survival was interdependent. That their source was the same, the heart, the blood, the oxygen. That their ultimate goal was the same too.

Each cell has a defined role, responsibility, purpose, relevance and duty. Each one is mortal. Capable of discipline, order, collaboration, mutation and subliminal existence just like us humans. The similarities are striking.

Us humans, we share the same source too. The Sun, the light, the land, the water feed us all. The same stars energize us all. The entire human race is bound together in their journey through time. Just like the cells, we are not conscious of it either.

There is no better analogy than these lovely organisms within us to show us our place in this universe and our purpose on Earth.

Imagine, if our cells each had a mind and an ego to match. What would it do to the whole system?

We as humans create our own little universe and put ourselves in the centre of it. Alternatively, at times we find ourselves too small, too irrelevant, too fragile to even matter. We oscillate between these states to cope with our choices and circumstances.

Let us go one step further and imagine a dystopian scenario where a colony of cells draw a border around themselves and form their own rules and laws. What will that mean for the flow of the system? If I keep imagining more, I will end up creating what will look a lot like the world as it is today. Part fractured, part thriving, part dying.

Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world will know no peace.

Dag Hammarskjold ~ Former General Secretary of the United Nations

The body and the world are designed to function in eternal harmony. It has systems in place to restore balance when needed and will use all means possible to achieve that. We have experienced that in our own bodies and witnessed it in the power of mother nature.

All we have to do is what we do best, our best. Look after ourselves first and our loved ones. Be kind to everything and everyone around us because, as unique as each one of us is, we are all the same. We all need and receive guidance, from outside or within.

Tat-tvam-asi” You are not this, you are that said Lord Krishna to the despondent Arjuna at the precipice of war to motivate him with immense love and nurturing to carry out his duty!

You are not this, you are that!

It is just that we all need a little reminder from time to time of our place on this planet, of our purpose in this life. To step away and see the BIG picture. Let us be our own Krishna!

Be Dutiful. Be Kind. Be Respectful.

Tat-tvam-asi, thinkers!

Until next time@thethinkingcaptain

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