Ubiquitous Assimilation!

One of my early articles. Motivated and determined. The conscious consumer of influence, ready to rise above my genes, lineage, and culture to mindfully choose to become who I want to be! Read on!

The Thinking Captain!

I thought of changing the name of the topic. It may be that many do not know what it means and not read further and others may be curious to know more and read on. I decided to take that chance.

The words, Ubiquitous Assimilation, sound very fancy. A vocabulary bomb, actually! I was bombed too when I first came across it, I did not know the meaning or the concept. Let me give you a little context.

I saw it in a film called Detachment ( I highly recommend it but with a strong word of caution – it is not an easy watch ) where the teacher played by Adrien Brody is trying to motivate a bunch of delinquent, socially oppressed teenagers from in his class. So taken aback I was by the idea that it became embedded within me.

I adopted my own hybrid version of this…

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