How to Remain Grounded amidst Chaos?

I recently moved house and that project somehow took over my life. I was overwhelmed with work, action, fatigue, expectations, dreams, disappointments, and joy, all at once. A mixed bag of conflicting emotions.

Simply put, it was Chaos! A tornado in my head. I felt excited, yet uprooted and lost.

I acknowledged the magnanimity of what I was trying to pull off and the effect it was having on me.

The acceptance of the reality that it may feel new, unsettling, and perhaps even uncomfortable before it feels like home helped me keep my anxiety in check. To remember to feel gratitude among these mixed emotions was the toughest yet the most important part.

Upon close examination, I discovered that these overwhelming emotions were coming up because, in this chaos, I had lost my routine. I realized I needed help and structure to regain it, in order to navigate through this move and settle the mind and body in its new environment.

So, here I am, back on the saddle amidst all the chaos to find my feet and ground myself. Writing about it is truly connecting with the inner conflicts and airing it out. Starting a new course with HabitStrong today to help me regain my routine and focus.

So, for those of you who are presently in chaos or have experienced the same unsettled feeling at some point in your lives, here is my humble advice. Start by acknowledging the problem. Take small steps. Seek out help!


  • Procrastinate
  • sulk or brood
  • Binge-watch
  • Mindlessly scroll
  • Find excuses


  • Plan a routine
  • Examine your feelings
  • Jot down tasks
  • Self-talk
  • Remove clutter

We all have the same amount of time in a day. It is imperative we use it wisely.

To stumble is okay. Focus on Recovery! That is the key!

The Thinking Captain

As my parting thoughts, I give you, ROOTS! It is the result of today’s journaling. It feels like me on paper. Tell me what you think.


I look down, I see no feet
Where did they go? I lost them in a beat!

The roots are gone too, It's like I'm floating
To a new meadow, in search of a landing.

It feels all fresh, it seems all new.
Ecxiting and energizing, a little scary too.

I look around me, I see tiny buds and shoots
Perhaps, I'm ready to grow new roots!!

Until next time…@thethinkingcaptain

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