Show Yourself!

Something made me think of this today! I am ready to show myself. My whole self is ready for the party!

The Thinking Captain!

I want to show myself
And yet here I hide.
I don’t rely on myself
Who else is there to find.
I want to show myself
But I am scared inside.
How will anybody else see
Things I miss in plain sight.
I want to show myself
Not the shell outside.
It is a good decoy
Sometimes, I like it more than I.
I want to show myself
Not this hide and seek I try.
One moment on top of the world
One moment on the floor I lie.
I want to show myself
That has not caught another eye.
For the ones who really see me
Will know there is more inside.
God, please give me strength to be myself!

Now, read it again as yourselves!

I always tend to write in first person, for many reasons. Firstly, so that I can get into the true feeling experienced by…

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