Well, it is exactly how it sounds. I have been waiting to start writing for ages. Most of us have been there and know exactly what I mean. We all need and desperately want that push. I not only want the push, I would love a free ride too. I wish I had a button start, almost! Someone to outsource it to. Delegate sounds more acceptable. πŸ˜‰ The truth is you only start when you are ready. Cliched but nothing can be truer. My friend, Nupur ( A psychotherapist and author of the book ‘Love and Rage-The inner worlds of children) told me recently that when you are pouring over with thoughts and that you cannot hold it in anymore, you are ready. So, here I am. Ready… steady… Go!

Trivia: Did you know that Jet aircraft have no Button Start or Key Start?

A few months ago , Dr. Behal, a phenomenologist, wrote me a very pleasant mail. Pleasant because I heard from him after two years of meeting him and because he had many nice things to say. 😊 I met him at a school’s teacher training engagement where I was on the committee. We had an interesting taxi ride together. He was fascinated by my profession. In his defense, a lady captain flying Dreamliners may sound impressive to most. The distinction he made was that” I was able to talk about the mysteries of the mind and the philosophy of life as easily as I could about flying planes.” His words.🀐 In his mail , he asked me if I would be interested in writing a book. I was stumped, to say the least. No way!! I thought it was just a nostalgic and generous aviation enthusiast being very kind! I thanked him for his mail and told him that I will think about it and left it at that.

A few moths later, during the corona virus imposed lock down, I found myself writing, more like scribbling, in my notebook. I remembered the proposition about the book. Although, I was still uncomfortable with the idea of me as the central theme of a book, I realized that there is a lot of experience I have gathered that ought to be shared. I began to see what may have prompted this idea to start with. I love to talk, share and evaluate about all aspects of life. Book aside, I though I shall start with just putting words to thoughts. Blogging was suggested by friends of mine who have published books themselves. So, here I am. Ironic that my daughter did a blogging workshop this summer and is now helping me put this together. Double whammy!

I am a deep thinker. Recent practice of meditation and mindfulness has made my thoughts and feeling bubble up and almost boil over. So, with this heightened sense of awareness and reflection of the self, I present to you, The thinking Cap-tain! Next time I get to it, we can talk about the amazing combination of flying a plane with your mind and heart! 🧑

Until next time… Over and Out!

After watching the Wimbledon finals 2019. Roger Thaaaat! :))

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  1. Jet Set Go !
    I liked reading both the first blogs and now wondering about that Crisp pronunciation of your surname that you are in awe with , would like to hear it from you.
    All the best Ma’am. Let your thoughts flow into words and become an ocean of a book , one day. Not in the position to judge how well someone writes, but your writing does appear smooth and I know you are a well read person. Looking forward to lots of interesting & funny chronicles , also related to flying.


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