Mission Impossible! Story of A First Time Blogger.

After experiencing a break in writing, it got me thinking about how I started writing to begin with. This piece is a good reminder and a great prelude to what follows next. Enjoy! Keep reading.

The Thinking Captain!

Take a leap of faith!

This is a random thought materializing out of nowhere, literally. Almost like this blog. When I first started writing, I had no idea what I wanted to say. So, that is exactly what I said. (Push to start!) It was a leap of faith, indeed. After my first post, Word press asked me to write an introduction. That prompted the idea for the next one. (Hey! My name is..) And so the story went. I wrote about whatever felt important at the time. As I was on a quest to identify feelings, I began to observe and capture my current state and it started pouring out into words. (Doubt). Very often references come from real life and from within my community. (Degree of Difficulty).

I started to share the articles with friends and family only…

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