Come, Fly With Me!

My family taking wings for the first time in Bir Billing, Himachal ‘2016

Feeling upbeat for no real reason
Don’t even want to know why.
It’s uplifting everything around me
Makes me want to fly.

I feel light hearted

It’s like I set myself free.

From the shackles of my own self-doubt

I allowed myself to believe.

In the middle I got lost somewhere

With the sense of self on a trip

Now, I’m growing and finding my way back

Comfortable with who I am within.

It’s important to love myself first
C’mon! Bring out that smile!
I may have always known I’m special
I had just forgotten for a while!

Let us make our wish come true.

Take a chance and see.

Breathe deep and spread your wings

Come fly with me!


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