Degree of difficulty!

Pilots all over the world are at crossroads in their lives. An effort made through this piece to bring to notice their competences and help them pivot their roles. Happy landings to all.

The Thinking Captain!

I have spent my entire professional career in the field of Aviation in various capacities. I have received a tremendous amount of attention, respect and even adulation along the way. Only recently, I was made to realize that all the responsibility, skill, experience and qualifications amount to almost nothing on paper in the outside world. Surprised? So, was I. Allow me to give you a little backstory on my life as a Captain. I would like to introduce you to those faceless captains in whomyou put your trust every time you buy a plane ticket.

I was an early bloomer. Right after my twelfth standard board exams, I was on track to getting my wings. After getting my licence in record time, I, started working as a flight instructor in a flying school. While still in my teens, I was imparting flying lessons to other teens. (Yes! It…

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