Opposites attract is a known fact.Why it is so, nobody knows that! Sweet and sour, we like the mix,Love and heartbreak is a good movie fix. Confidence and submission can surprisingly coexist. Watch out as it creeps in from the back exit. Strength may also come from weakness. Let the default reaction come from kindness. … Continue reading Contradictions!

Ubiquitous Assimilation!

I thought of changing the name of the topic. It may be that many do not know what it means and not read further and others may be curious to know more and read on. I decided to take that chance. The words, Ubiquitous Assimilation, sound very fancy. A vocabulary bomb, actually! I was bombed … Continue reading Ubiquitous Assimilation!

Do you want it to be easier? I did too!

Would it be easierIf I was conventional and stuck to the script?Would it be easierIf I just listened to the voice of reason?Would it be easierIf it were as simple as it is in my head?Would it be easierIf I didn't say everything that came to my mind?Would it be easierIf I didn't follow my … Continue reading Do you want it to be easier? I did too!