Do you want it to be easier? I did too!

I wrote this nearly four months ago. I now see the pain through the words. I also see the will to share my pain and to help ease yours. We are on track and we will break through! Enjoy the read.

The Thinking Captain!

Would it be easier
If I was conventional and stuck to the script?
Would it be easier
If I just listened to the voice of reason?
Would it be easier
If it were as simple as it is in my head?
Would it be easier
If I didn’t say everything that came to my mind?
Would it be easier
If I didn’t follow my heart blindly?
Would it?
But it wouldn’t be the same.
I wouldn’t be me.
I wish it was easier.

This was written a few years ago when I was probably in battle with myself. At the time, I thought it was a strife between my head and my heart. I now realize it was a struggle for survival of my inner self vs the outer. How I was seen vs how I saw myself. How I was expected to be vs how I wanted to…

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