Are You Intelligent? Emotionally Intelligent! Part I

"What a question?" "Ridiculous!" "What do you mean?" "Of course!" These would have been my own answers until a few years ago when I would have replied mindlessly just to defend myself without even understanding the question in it's entirety. So, take a deep breath and answer. Do you think you are intelligent? Do you … Continue reading Are You Intelligent? Emotionally Intelligent! Part I

Kickass Year Ending!!

It is the appropriately chaotic finale to the most amazingly chaotic year. Like most of the year, I didn't plan for the year to end this way either. It has been an action packed week. Crazy doesn't cut it. For everything to come together all at once was both overwhelming and exciting at the same … Continue reading Kickass Year Ending!!

Do you want it to be easier? I did too!

I wrote this nearly four months ago. I now see the pain through the words. I also see the will to share my pain and to help ease yours. We are on track and we will break through! Enjoy the read.

The Thinking Captain!

Would it be easier
If I was conventional and stuck to the script?
Would it be easier
If I just listened to the voice of reason?
Would it be easier
If it were as simple as it is in my head?
Would it be easier
If I didn’t say everything that came to my mind?
Would it be easier
If I didn’t follow my heart blindly?
Would it?
But it wouldn’t be the same.
I wouldn’t be me.
I wish it was easier.

This was written a few years ago when I was probably in battle with myself. At the time, I thought it was a strife between my head and my heart. I now realize it was a struggle for survival of my inner self vs the outer. How I was seen vs how I saw myself. How I was expected to be vs how I wanted to…

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How to Be the TOP 1% in the World and Stand Out?

Dare to be different! This is not a clickbait title. It really is a confirmed ticket. Although, this might be a slightly different 1% in comparison to the headline grabbing richest 1% we read about all the time. Those don't interest me at all. On offer here are riches of a different kind. You will … Continue reading How to Be the TOP 1% in the World and Stand Out?

The Virus of Self-Doubt

Like a disease it comes,The virus of self-doubt.Confined to one's own mindIt's more widespread than thought.It can have many shades.It will catch you off guard.Will incubate inside you,Leave you in a shroud of cloud.First step is to recognize it,That itself takes a lot.Seeing it is half the cure,The rot is on it's way out.Do not … Continue reading The Virus of Self-Doubt

How To Deal With Bullies? Part-IV FEARLESS FORESIGHT.

The motivation to write this entire series came when last month I witnessed a conflict arise between two professionals which quickly turned into bullying and labelling. A typical patriarchal reaction when faced with a challenge. (He later even claimed to be a "feminist.") It was a moment of déjà vu from my own experience earlier … Continue reading How To Deal With Bullies? Part-IV FEARLESS FORESIGHT.

Degree of difficulty!

Pilots all over the world are at crossroads in their lives. An effort made through this piece to bring to notice their competences and help them pivot their roles. Happy landings to all.

The Thinking Captain!

I have spent my entire professional career in the field of Aviation in various capacities. I have received a tremendous amount of attention, respect and even adulation along the way. Only recently, I was made to realize that all the responsibility, skill, experience and qualifications amount to almost nothing on paper in the outside world. Surprised? So, was I. Allow me to give you a little backstory on my life as a Captain. I would like to introduce you to those faceless captains in whomyou put your trust every time you buy a plane ticket.

I was an early bloomer. Right after my twelfth standard board exams, I was on track to getting my wings. After getting my licence in record time, I, started working as a flight instructor in a flying school. While still in my teens, I was imparting flying lessons to other teens. (Yes! It…

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Have You Ever Been Bullied? Part-III Coming of Age!

I have been a sucker for coming of age films for as far back as I can remember. I could not get enough of the depiction of the protagonist's realization of their own worth and pursuit of their desires. Generally, in the movies, the central character is a young adult trying to find their way … Continue reading Have You Ever Been Bullied? Part-III Coming of Age!

Hey! My Name is…

Revisiting the older posts to give them some air. Tell me what you think!

The Thinking Captain!

I wish it was something as funky as Slim Shady!😎 Pardon the reference as I grew up in the emerging era of Eminem. My nickname was close, though. I was mostly called Khaddy by one and all during my youthful years in school. Boarding school tradition of surname calling still stands. Usually, the story attached to the derived name is a funny one. Mine emerged as a consequence of everyone inventing their own pronunciation of the rather unusual surname.

Personally, I preferred being called Khaddy than a distorted version of my already hard to pronounce surname. The more shortened and distorted, the funkier it sounded, like Khadz!. Mine stuck. Many, who had no reference of the connection to my surname, even called me Caddy, as in the golf caddy!! Imagine that!😆

My school principal had a peculiar way of saying my full name while addressing the whole school during…

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Have You Ever Been Bullied? Part II-Adulthood

RedBull gives you wiiings! My entry into adulthood was nothing short of a grand stage entrance high on RedBull!. I was charged-up, driven and determined. I had set out to do something that no one in my family had ever done before. I was going to learn to fly and become a pilot with absolutely … Continue reading Have You Ever Been Bullied? Part II-Adulthood